Bankruptcy & Creditor’s Rights

Askew & Mazel, LLC represents creditors (secured and unsecured), committees (official and unofficial, creditors and equity), debtors, trustees (indenture, owner and liquidating), purchasers, investors and other parties in interest before the United States Bankruptcy Court for the District of New Mexico. We counsel clients in both reorganization and liquidation cases, as well as in out-of-court workouts and debt restructuring.

The firm’s experience also extends to New Mexico State Court’s, where the attorneys regularly represent receivers, creditors, and landlords in state court and collection matters.

Need assistance in collecting a judgment? Our attorneys have extensive experience in collecting judgments, can advise you on all available options, and develop an efficient strategy to reduce costs and maximize recovery.

  • Bankruptcy Litigation
  • Business Reorganization
  • Restructuring and Loan Work-Outs
  • Closing a Business
  • Receiverships
  • Guarantor’s Rights
  • Landlord’s Rights
  • Commercial Debt Collection