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Bankruptcy Litigation

If you intend to file or continue a lawsuit against a person or entity which has filed for bankruptcy, you need the help of experienced bankruptcy attorneys like ours. Most actions against debtors who have filed for bankruptcy are prevented by an automatic stay and attempts to collect debt or enforce obligations against someone who has filed for bankruptcy can result in sanctions against you. Our bankruptcy attorneys can help relieve you from the automatic stay to pursue your legal rights against the debtor.

Askew & Mazel, LLC has assisted creditors in navigating the various litigation aspects of bankruptcy proceedings such as preference actions, fraudulent conveyance actions and claim objections.

Our firm has worked as debtors' bankruptcy counsel handling all litigation requirements in both simple and complex cases.

We understand the wide variety of causes of action litigated in bankruptcy, including:

  • claims objections
  • executory contract disputes
  • nondischargeability actions
  • valuation issues
  • preference
  • fraudulent transfer
  • turnover actions

Having experienced bankruptcy attorneys like Askew & Mazel, LLC on your side, can make a significant difference in helping you obtain a positive outcome.

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