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Creditor’s Rights

Askew & Mazel, LLC is dedicated to providing cost-efficient solutions to maintain your rights as a creditor, in or out of bankruptcy.

Our attorneys represent the rights of creditors through State and bankruptcy law enforcement and assist creditors in maximizing potential debt recovery. Debt recovery action can include demands, investigation, evaluation of assets available for collection, reformation actions, and title insurance claims.

Askew & Mazel, LLC specializes in:

  • work-outs and loan restructuring
  • pursuit of guarantors
  • foreclosures
  • collection of judgments
  • replevins
  • personal property liens
  • collection of accounts
  • forbearance agreements
  • bankruptcy

While creditor’s rights in bankruptcy are complex, our firm can assist you in ensuring that you get the distribution from the bankruptcy estate to which you are entitled. Bankruptcy is an intricate and time-sensitive process, and failure to properly pursue the debt you are owed can potentially allow the debtor to avoid paying you entirely. If a debtor in bankruptcy owes you money, and you’d like to collect, don’t wait, contact us today.

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